When young people engage in our programmes and activities, they experience an increase in confidence communicating, resilience, self-belief and leadership ability. They gain valuable skills that help them navigate the transitions between primary school, secondary school, college, work and university.

Importantly they get to meet people from a range of backgrounds, make new friends and try new things. Something which, for many young people, is increasingly difficult to achieve.

The Difference We Make

Young people living in deprived areas such as Islington and the surrounding boroughs are less connected outside of their homogeneous groups. We encourage and teach young people from different backgrounds to develop associations and in so doing provide opportunities to practise and better understand how these relationships develop and the value they have. 

Stay healthy

We know that mental health is a major concern for young people, particularly loneliness, stress, anxiety and depression. These can be addressed much more successfully when young people have access to good information and supportive services. When they are knitted into a strong and encouraging network they are surrounded by people looking out for them who are there when they are needed.

Develop social competence

Our innovative youth work approach creates opportunities for young people to develop ‘social competence’, by focusing on interpersonal skills, especially those needed for the workplace. We inspire young people to ‘be good at being good’, to be considerate of others, to have empathy and to foster positive relationships.

Grow belonging

Young people want to have a sense of belonging and our services recognise and develop the roles they play in the community. We will enable young people to achieve together as well as individually, and we will support them to express shared values in a range of contexts.

Try new things

Young people must aspire beyond their academic results and career goals, and start considering how they might live fulfilling lives outside of school and work. We want them to have broader horizons and the networks to explore them. We aim to give them the inspiration and desire to try new things and share experiences.

Build agency

Young people must be in a position to change the world for the better, even just a little bit. We want to help young people organise themselves and recognise the collective influence they can have on creating a better, fairer society.